A Life Changing Experience

Our mission is to send at risk 9, 10 & 11 year old boys and girls to camp in the Sequoia National Forest free of charge.

Together We Can Give the Gift of Summer Camp!

Help put a smile on the face of a child. We're sending 300 kids to camp in the Sequoia National Forest this summer. Since it's founding, the Camp has served as a timeout for nearly 300 inner-city children each year, helping them to break the cycles of distress that keeps them focused on unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors. Join us today in sending 300 youth out to a summer camp by June 1st.

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Fun Moments at the Camp

Getting ahead 


The curriculum for the Pythian Youth Camp is designed to dramatically expand outdoor learning, education and wilderness opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth who would otherwise not have access to the outdoors.

PYF Mission

To give at-risk 9 to 11 year old boys and girls the opportunity to make life-adjustments and long-term positive behavioral changes by involving them in high quality life skills, camping and outdoor education programs… and still  let the children be just what they are, children.

Knights of Pythias

The Pythian Youth Camp is the jewel of the Knights of Pythias. The camp holds the promise of a different life for at-risk children. Children at Camp is about life-changing experience and the people who inspire them.  We invite you to join us in our campaign to send children to camp.

6-Day Wilderness Experience

Our trained counselors, under the supervision of a professional camp manager, lead activities such as Swimming, Outdoor Games, Arts & Crafts, Journaling, Hiking, Team Building, Environmental Education, and Campfire Activities.


Interested in volunteering at Pythian Youth Foundation? Please contact us by filling out the online form at the bottom of the page or by sending us an e-mail at info@pyc4kids.org. One of our team members will get back to you with the next steps.

We Take Children to Camp!

The Pythian Youth Foundation of California is pledged to place smiles on the faces of 300 children every summer by sending them to camp, free of charge.

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About Pythian Youth Foundation

The Foundation

The Pythian Youth Foundation of California, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Public Nonprofit Corporation, established in 1946 to develop and operate the 19-acre Pythian Youth Camp, which is located in the heart of the Sequoia National Forest.

Executive Director: Tom Serafin
Tel: 714.319.2222

Pythian Youth Camp (PYC)

The Pythian Youth Camp was founded under the signature of President Harry S. Truman for the purpose of serving America’s youth. It is the first and only land-grant camp in the United States, and is dedicated to enhancing the growth and development of disadvantaged children between 9 and 11 both at camp and in the communities where they live.

Other PYF Youth-Oriented Programs

Safety Helmets – the PYF donated 2,000 safety helmets for kids, to local communities. This program, in partnership with the L. A. Sheriff and local Police Departments, allows officers to provide kids who are bicycling or skateboarding without protection, Snell approved safety helmets, instead of a citation. We aim to increase distribution of helmets by 20%, including in Fresno if possible.

Is This Book For Me? – Under this program designed to fight illiteracy, the PYF distributed over 25,000 children’s books to community clinics, hospitals, libraries and children’s organizations, recruiting commercial businesses and their employees to collect in especially designed Pythian bags, the books from their friends, family, colleagues and community organizations. Our goals are: to increase at minimum the volume of books collected and distributed by 10%, continuing to work with libraries, hospitals and other institutions; pursue a strategic relationship with Amazon, Google, Apple or other suitable provider(s), to include as part of an extended and improved program, reading tablets and electronic books distribution.

President Truman's Legacy

When Harry S. Truman took Office in 1945 he accomplished several things: He revised Social Security, passed the Fair Housing Act, and help to establish the nation’s first and only land-grant camp. The Pythian Youth Foundation of CA is the keeper of President Truman’s vision of a wilderness camp where disadvantaged children can retreat from often improvised cities and experience first-hand the awe and wonder of nature.

Camping has the power to change a child’s perception of themselves and the world that they live in. CHILDREN AT CAMP make new friends; they develop communications skills and learn about shared responsibility; they gain confidence in themselves and in their ability to cope with fears and frustrations.

Board of Directors

Brett Olivier, Chairman
Carolyn Coats
Richard Dorfman
Dave Klokochar
Sir Melvin Pinkham
Susan Siegmann
Donna Zinchuck

Cheryl Klokochar, Bookkeeper
John Fetta, CPA